Alerts you when long-running commands finally complete.

Install this to get a notification when any command finishes that took longer than ten seconds to finish.

Install on Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install undistract-me

Don't forget to restart your shell with a 'login' shell

Get the code

$ git clone git://github.com/jml/undistract-me.git
$ . undistract-me/long-running.bash
$ notify_when_long_running_commands_finish_install

Some commands take ages to run

You're doing some work, and as part of that you need to run a command on the terminal that takes a little while to finish. Perhaps it's your test suite, your build process, or an unusually big data run.

Watching commands is boring

You run the command, watch it for maybe a second and then switch to doing something else—answering email or something more useful and fun than staring at a terminal.

Time flies when you're distracted

You get so deeply involved in your email that twenty minutes fly by. When you switch back to your terminal the command has finished, but you've got no idea whether it was nineteen seconds ago or nineteen minutes ago.

Undistract me, please

This happens to me a lot. I'm not prescient enough to predict which commands will take a long time, and I'm not disciplined to add something to the end of each one. If you are like me, then what we both need is something that alerts us whenever long running commands finish.

This is it.

Doesn't work?

File a bug

undistract-me is a very simple program. It's almost certainly going to work for you. However, if you do encounter a problem, please let us know about it.


Then please let me know. My name is Jonathan Lange. I'm jml on Freenode, myself on Google+, and @mumak on Twitter (although I hardly ever use the last).


Find jml on Freenode in the #ubuntu-devel channel.